My Onions Bolted: Can They Be Saved? The Results

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2023)

Two weeks ago I shared with you that my overwintered short-day onions were starting to bolt.

Bolting is when they send up a flower stock in response to stress or age.

In our case, it was a super cold spell.

When this happens, bulbing stops.

I showed you my attempt to save them by pulling off the tiny flower buds to see if I could prompt the onion to start bulbing again.

Did it work? I don’t think so. You can see in the video that this onion’s stalk has grown up a lot after I pulled the flowering tip off, but it hasn’t started bulbing. These onions here (see video)  are bulbing up but they haven’t grown a flowering tip. If they do grow that flowering tip in the future, their bulbing will stop. 


All I can do is harvest the onions that have bulbs. If I don’t, the water that can leak into the flowering tip will cause the onion to rot. 

I do have some onions that are bulbing up and for that I’m thankful.

 I planted extra intermediate-day onions for spring to make up for losing these, so my farmstand and my family’s stock of onions should be okay.



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