Can I Plant Garlic From the Store?

Introduction Have you ever found yourself strolling through the produce aisle of your local grocery store, eyeing the garlic bulbs, and thinking, "Could I just plant these in my garden?" If you're like me, a passionate gardener who loves fresh garlic's unmistakable aroma and flavor, you've probably pondered this question…

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101 Garden Essentials for Beginners and Experts for 2024

With the right garden essentials, you'll maximize your harvests while minimizing your effort. Here is a list of the 101 garden essentials you need to make sure your garden is as productive as possible. Bookmark this post and come back to it as a gift guide later!Seed Starting ContainersBootstrap Farmer. These seed…

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Growing Garlic From Bulbils: How to Grow Free Garlic (For Real)

What if you could grow garlic for free—yes, you read that right, for free! According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, the average American consumes about 2 pounds of garlic per year. Now, imagine not having to spend a single dime on those 2 pounds and instead, walking out to…

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