These 5 Uses for Basil Flowers Will Blow Your Mind (2023)

Basil is a popular herb featured in cuisines worldwide, but did you know that basil flowers also have many uses? You probably didn't realize just how useful and beautiful they are, so read on about what to do with basil flowers, and you'll always let a few plants go to…

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Gardening for Dementia Management

If you're caring for a loved one with dementia, you may be looking for activities to help improve their condition. One option you might not have considered is gardening for dementia management. Though it may seem like a simple pastime, research shows that gardening can indeed benefit people with dementia.…

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The “How Much to Grow” Calculators

These calculators are different from any calculators I've ever seen. Not only do they show you how many plants you should grow, they also tell you how much space you'll need, what it will cost to grow the plants, and how much money you'll save. Pretty awesome, huh? How Much…

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